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Chieftain Kilt Set with Kilt, Belt & Buckle, Sporran and Ghillie Shirt


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Includes our 8 yard “Chieftain” kilt, belt & buckle,Dress sporran, ghillie shirt
Unbeatable value for money, while stocks last!
  • 8 Yard Polyviscose Kilt
  • Choice of 7 tartans
  • 24″ standard drop (25″ available for £20 supplement call 01475 723677)
  • Dressed sporran and chains
  • Belt & buckle
  • Ghillie shirt
  • Tartans available: Black Watch, Modern Douglas, Heritage Of Scotland,Grey Highlander,Ramsey Blue , Jet Black,Spirit Of Bruce

Learn How To Measure Your Kilt Size

N.B.To measure yourself for kilt waist size, simply take a tape around your middle at just 1″ above the line of the belly button and have it as tight or as loose as you would want to wear it. That’s your kilt waist size, it can vary somewhat from pants size.